Title: Bint
Author: Ferdinand Bordewijk
Publisher: Grote Lijsters

When class 4D succeeds in badge a teacher, De Bree is being appointed to maintain order. At his fall in he gets an instruction from Bint, the principal of the school: "That class is unique... I warn you... I demand discipline from each one. Already on his first day De Bree gives 4D The hell as a nickname and declares war for the rest of the year. Completely according to Bint's guidelines he rules the students with an iron first. When the class wants to make peace after two months, De Bree decilines...

From the moment I recieved my copy of Bint and told my friends, they all sighed and laughed at me because now I was the one who was going to read it. As the dateline of the book came closer and closer each day, I was already mentally preparing myself for the worst. I can pretty much say that I got what I was told. For example, being confused throughout the entire book. Not going to lie, but I was relieved while reading chapters I understood. Reading Bint was like reading another language, which is true because I read it in Dutch. What I actually mean is, I didn't understand much. The book itself has a very simple plot, but the writing just messed it all up. I didn't found myself enoying Bint in any way and I was proud of finishing this short book in one night.

Aurélie Cremers is an eighteen-year-old living in Belgium. As an active member on Goodreads, Edelweiss and Amazon, she's always spreading her reviews to express her opinion and influences her followers to read the books she fairly enjoyed. When she's not writing, you can find her at her local bookstore or in a classroom. With her blog, "Exploring Pages", Aurélie hopes to gain a larger public in the near future and to continue that what she'll always love doing: writing.

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