Review: The Songbird's Overture by Danielle L. Jensen

The Songbird's Overture (Stolen Songbird, #0.5) by Danielle L. Jensen
Published: April 25th 2014 by Strange Chemistry
Pages: 26

I wrote this story as a tool to help me with writing Hidden Huntress, and it turned out well enough that I decided it would be fun to share it with fans of Stolen Songbird rather than leaving it to languish on my computer's hard drive.

It takes place four years prior to the events of Stolen Songbird, and it will give a taste of what Cécile's life was like before the trolls.
"I had four years to practice. Four years to learn. Four years to prepare. And when I turned seventeen, I'd be ready to take on all the world had to offer."
I always thought that Stolen Songbird, the first book in the Malediction trilogy, took place in modern times. Because of that, I was always seriously annoyed with the way the characters spoke. After all, these days, nobody talks like the Queen anymore. Realising that there's a big chance the trilogy actually takes place in the nineteenth century surprises me.

That set aside, it's clear this short story is only meant for background and introducing us to characters that might make an appearance in the sequel, Hidden Huntress. It didn't contain much of a story, more like a set-up of what's still to come. That may have had some influence on why I'm giving it three stars. On the other hand, I personally loved seeing Cécile as a prairie girl and her character before the events of the first book. I think the decision Cécile made at the end of the story can have big consequences for what's still to come, and in a way, it surely increased my anticipation for Hidden Huntress. I know one thing for now: I dislike her mother very much.

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